We all deserve to have a great life, well lived and where we feel satisfied with our achievements, that our level of wealth matches our expectations and we enjoy rewarding relationships. Ideally, that we spend most of our lives happy and fulfilled.

Team Terrie is the celebration of a group of individuals who want to offer what they have learnt about success, happiness, wealth, health and spiritual development. They are all supporters of the inspirational books, writing, coaching and keynotes from Terrie Anderson yet have another dimension or depth to share their experiences using some of the techniques and affirmations gained from working with Terrie. The team promote and share this work, and also the work of other great writers and motivational speakers, and masters in the field of inspiring positive thinking for positive outcomes.

Team Terrie includes Terrie's professional blog, and the chance for you to be interactive with the team members on a daily basis with feedback and comments on the blogs. We encourage you to participate and be a part of our fast growing Team Terrie. With over 3000 members from all around the world, Team Terrie is becoming a Facebook page to link to, a monthly newsletter not to be missed and you can also connect to Terrie directly on LinkedIn with over 5000 connections.

You will see daily posts with quotes not only from Terrie, but also from some well known, and also some reclusive, Masters of Motivation around the globe. Terrie will be blogging regularly on topics she notes are trending from your input. Feel free to ask the team for blogs and articles on what you most want to read about, we will respond.

We are so happy to share the passion and inspiration of being a part of something that is positive, powerful and actually works making us feel better every day. Welcome to Team Terrie!
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Australia - Still Lucky but Not Happy!
Team Terrie - posted Posted by Terrie Anderson
Team Terrie - Australia - Still Lucky but Not Happy! In November 2013, it was announced that Australia's usage of prescriptive antidepressants was second highest in the world. From 2000 to 2011 it was reported that our use of these products increased a staggering 95%. What has happened? We were considered the lucky country, a place where there was minimal social casting. Someone born to the poorest financial circumstances could rise, with hard work and determination, to the top. I remember, we were pretty happy as kids. Our parents were unafraid to let us go out and play, to discover our place in the community. Some of us caused some trouble, some of us found more ...
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